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 Something new for Courage of the Spirit

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Something new for Courage of the Spirit Empty
PostSubject: Something new for Courage of the Spirit   Something new for Courage of the Spirit EmptyTue Mar 09, 2010 2:17 pm

Today i sit upon the grass field.
The wind blows gently through my hair.
The sky is so blue and filled with white fluffy clouds. Do you think i could fly up into the sky?
The warm sun upon my face, is just a like a loving embrace.
I sit and ponder which way next.
I hear the water flowing freely along the stream. The little splashs as it hits the rocks.
Oh where do i go to from here?
I feel so much and yet nothing at all.
I question everything and yet nothing.
I can stand tall in who i am, that is easy.
I sit and wonder where to from here.

I lay down and feel the grass comfort me.
I close my eyes and drift up into the skies.
Upon the clouds i sit and float away oh how nice.

The I hear that voice i know so well.
I look around and there you are, sitting waiting patiently for me.
We share a smile and hug, i have missed you my love.

Your patience, love and understanding have got me where i am now.
Suddenly it is all clear i do know where to now.
We stand and you take my hand.
Along the dirt path we walk.
We can hear the water of the bubblying brooke.
Finally at home i feel with you by my side my love.
Oh look did you see that dove.

Our journey is one of together in all that we do.
Patience and understanding, love and harmony.
Freedom to choose and just be who we are, for what else can we be.
You are my joy. You are my once in a life time.
We walk along this pathway of ours together in harmony.

Jacqui Grant (C) 2010

In peace, light and Love
Creator of Bearberry

"There is only one journey, the journey of NOW, self discovery, joy, peace and happiness. One reality of this very moment!"

Something new for Courage of the Spirit Bearbe14
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Rose Bud
Rose Bud

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Something new for Courage of the Spirit Empty
PostSubject: Re: Something new for Courage of the Spirit   Something new for Courage of the Spirit EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 7:00 pm

wow can you change the colour of this.
Courage of the spirit was a good book before, can't wait to see the revised edition.
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Something new for Courage of the Spirit
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