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 Health and the human body

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Health and the human body Empty
PostSubject: Health and the human body   Health and the human body EmptyMon Mar 08, 2010 8:08 pm

could you please share with us what you know about health and the human body. What healing there is available to us. I trust in God and his healing power. I am wondering what other people believe in and what works for them.

I find prayer is very powerful
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Health and the human body Empty
PostSubject: Re: Health and the human body   Health and the human body EmptyFri Mar 12, 2010 3:36 am

My health has not been a positive experience over the past few years.
As long as i can remember i have had weight issues and asthma. I have developed what they call SVT elevation with my heart and electrolyte and insulin imbalance.

I have been on many medications at one point way too many that my mental wellbeing went down hill.

Eventually i decided no more medicaations for me, the pharmacetical companies were getting rich and i was getting sicker. I only kept my asthma medication going.

As i reflected back over my life i realised that what i was doing when my weight was in check and my energy levels were high and i felt so very strong in every aspect of my being.
I was meditating twice a day, clearning my charkas and also being true to me. I accepted me for me and too bad what others thought. I let go of the need to focus on what was wrong in each moment and focussed on life it self. I embraced each and every moment.

So health is a state of mind and emotional balance. It is a wonderful demonstrator of when things are so very much out of balance not just in the physical sense but emotional, thought and spiritua/vibrational level.

Health is about total and complete awareness of self and the energy flow and balance.

In peace, light and Love
Creator of Bearberry

"There is only one journey, the journey of NOW, self discovery, joy, peace and happiness. One reality of this very moment!"

Health and the human body Bearbe14
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Health and the human body
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