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 Zeitgeist Movement

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PostSubject: Zeitgeist Movement   Zeitgeist Movement EmptyWed Mar 24, 2010 7:03 pm

Thought i would share this with everyone.

Dear Members.

A London artist is working across the world this year to develop a new
project within the movement that will contribute well to the important
next phase in helping lift the movement above ground with a goal to launch
in time with the 3rd films release and you have the opportunity to help. A
team of photographers and web-designers from London plan to create a new
global web-site dedicated to zeitgeist members...their profiles...and their


"Zeitgeist members have spoken and the world is listening. We are
interested in the zeitgeist movement and the people that are in it. Our aim
is to create a public web-site where browsers can learn about the people in
the zeitgeist movement and why it is important. It is time we put faces to
the numbers and learnted about the special people who are making a
difference - bankers, teachers, nurses, farmers, or students, the world now
recognizes we are all one and we want to meet and photograph YOU, the
members...the people. People from all different cultures, creeds, colours
and characters. Our first stop is Nepal, followed by India and then through
Asia and into Australia. We feel it is imperative within the movement that
members volunteer and share their stories...where they were when they first
saw the films, what they do for jobs, what they do for fun and why they
joined the zeitgeist movement. WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU. We will get in
contact with each volunteer to the project and arrange with you in person
all the arrangements to have your picture taken and hear your stories.

Read further if you are interested in volunteering.

Each zeitgeist member will be encouraged to get creative and express
themselves during the photo shoot. Members are promoted to show the culture
and world they are part of. This could be sky-diving or looking out over
your most awe inspiring mountain, playing your favorite sport or listening
to your favorite song - we want to share different cultures within the
global community so depending where you are from - you will be able to
contribute differently. We want fresh and original ideas.
During the photo-shoot, each member will hold a banner which reads
‘join the movement’ or 'zeitgeist' written in your handwriting. This
might be on an A4 chalkboard hanging round your neck, on bright paint on
the side of a building, on your body or on plain paper...
Join the movement will be the message and another way to encourage
others to join. Your taking part will help the movement move above ground
and into the public eye, help strengthen the community, spread awareness
and create a warmer image worldwide.

Volunteers would be expected to fill out a profile questionnaire, again
getting creative and to feature on the website next to your profile
picture. We can help you with this but the type of information that may be
included could be:

Your story.
Your favourite things in life.
The reason you joined the movement.
How you encourage others to learn about the movement.
Things you have learned so far.

Volunteers would be expected to dedicate a few hours for the photo shoot on
the day.

If you would like to find out more. Copy and paste the paragraph below into
an e-mail and fill in the blanks and e-mail Luke at

Hi Luke.

My name is (name) and I would like to volunteer and have my photograph
taken for the new zeitgeist movement project web-site.

I am a (male/female) aged (age) and live in (country, city, town).

Please could you reply to this e-mail address with more information on the
project and what will be expected of me and the pre-task that I will need
to prepare.



In peace, light and Love
Creator of Bearberry

"There is only one journey, the journey of NOW, self discovery, joy, peace and happiness. One reality of this very moment!"

Zeitgeist Movement Bearbe14
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Zeitgeist Movement
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