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 Meditation for March 15 2010

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PostSubject: Meditation for March 15 2010   Meditation for March 15 2010 EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 12:38 am

Hi everyone here is the meditation for March 15 2010, where you can do it with us at 11am Australian time or at a time which suits you. We find that meditating as a group even with everyone in different countries is an amazing experience.

Love and appreciation meditation
It helps you connect to unconditiional love of self and your husband/wife.

Set the atmosphere as you choose, light candles, have a blanket near by and use soft music if youwould like.

To begin make yourself comfortable and feel the comfort of your surroundings.
Close your eyes and begin with a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly and feel your body move into a comfortable position.
Take another deep breath in and the hold for a moment, feel the breath of life move into your body, then slowly release your breath out along with all tension from your body.

As you feel the relaxation reach across you take another deep breath in and then slowly release out.
Continue to take slow deep breaths and as you do so shift your focus to seeing a beautiful white light surrounding you so completely. Feel and see this light grow in intensity, knowing that you are safe and surrounded by your angels and guides. Feel the safety and let go completely in this moment, embracing the white light around you now.

As you allow this feeling of safety around you now move to your heart. Look deep within your heart and see yourself, see your partner there, acknowledge yourself and your wife/husband. See the green and pink light of unconditiona love filliing your heart so completely and allow this love and light to flow out from your heart surrouding you so competely. Breath in this pure love and light,

As you do this see the love of yourself, your body and the perfect being of light taht you are. you are perfect love, you are light.
Now see your wife/ husband, smile at them and see them smile back at you. look into their eyes and allow them to look into yours. Asl you do this know that the uncondiitona love of your self is flowing around each of you as you now become one. one in this moment, in this lifetime and for all eternity, for this is one and true love. Feel the love you have for each other intensive and focus purely on being with each other in this very moment.

Know that youare love, you are light. You are both free, peace and abundant you are love.
Sit with your wife/husband for a moment without saying a word and feeling your connection to each other grow stronger and stronger. Beautiful and inspiriting as it is with safety and love, you are both freely giving to each other in this very moment. Nothing else matters except for sharing and embracing in the trueness of your love for each other,.
this love is your solid foundation of your life here upon earth, it is from where anything and everything is possible and you see that now clearly, you release all doubts, fears and worries and embrace the power of love you have together.

Take a moment to speak with each other, sharing what you sometimes forget to say and even do for each other in the busyness of day to day living. Take this moment to completely share what is within your heart, not youre head, the pure love of when you first reallised this the person you want to spend the rest of your life here and eternity. Speak the words you find hard to when you mind is speaking. you are safe, you are love and you are perfect right now.

Share this moment with each other for it builds upon the perfection that is both of you. Distance does not separate you ever and this moment together in spirit and soul reminds you of the beauty and the power of your love for each other.

When you are ready see the pink and green light of love grow even stronger and surrounding you both. feel the intensity of knowing the truth taht this is the right person for you and together you grow in life and love, feel the strenght of unconditional love and acceptance of yourself also. Breath in this love and life.

Sit with this feeling for a few moments, embracing its truth.

Now when you are ready, thankyou wife/husband for being withyou and sharing this moment in time. Thank them for their love, support and belief in you and let them know that you love them also and appreciate them. Give yourself the gift of love in this moment and appreciate and accept that you and your partner have a magnificent pathway you are walking together.

When you are ready, focus on your heart beat, feel it, hear it and allow it to be the rhythm of life within,. allow it to be the reminder that in this life you have all the love within you and from your wife/husband.

Now as this settles into your entire being take a deep breath and strenght the connection to your wife/husband feel that connection and love. Take another deep breath and relax even more.

When you are ready start to gently move your body and then open your eyse. Know that the experience was real, you have taken your relationship with yourself and your partner to a new level and it is amazing.

Wow the beauty of connecting with the true love of your life on a deeper level and love and trusting in that, remember no matter what this person is in your life for a very good reason. Their love for you runs deep and it will get you through many tough times, just as the love you have for them is the gift in return. Remember also that your partner choose you just as you choose them and that everything is possible with the poers of this love.

We suggest reading through this meditation a few times before you start. if you fall asleep that is perfectly fine. Some couples find that even when one of them does this meditation that it helps the other person, particularly if they are having a challenging time,

Most of all embrace the loving energy available to you in that moment.

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PostSubject: Re: Meditation for March 15 2010   Meditation for March 15 2010 EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 7:12 pm

Thank you

I believe that is 12 midnight my time (UK) so I could probably do it at the same time as you!

love and light xx

Feel free to stop by

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Meditation for March 15 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meditation for March 15 2010   Meditation for March 15 2010 EmptyThu Mar 18, 2010 2:41 am

I didn't get to do the meditation i was at work and had a few things on my mind at the time. How did was the meditation for anyone who did it? I will look forward to the next one though Smile

In peace, light and Love
Creator of Bearberry

"There is only one journey, the journey of NOW, self discovery, joy, peace and happiness. One reality of this very moment!"

Meditation for March 15 2010 Bearbe14
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Meditation for March 15 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meditation for March 15 2010   Meditation for March 15 2010 Empty

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Meditation for March 15 2010
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